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I took no offense to your comments. Had more been purchased I surely would not have found them at such an attractive price that's only fallen about $50-75 in three years. No doubt this bin was targeted for/marketed to hunters.

The FOV may well be tight, combined w/slower focus response, that would be a deal breaker for chasing warblers. Yet, it has strengths beyond price that makes it a good candidate for a crossover bin. It helps that the PC is less than some others I own. As well an EP of 5.3 is plenty for eyes from the 50's.

Win-win, plus I do not know what else I would buy at that price that would have as much value for me.
Not to mention the Ltd lifetime warranty...

ETA: Beyond the merits of the bin Vs. price the advantage/disadvantage concerning birders is what I see as the mystery of the bin.

Started by William Weaver in 1930, Weaver Optics were acquired by Meade in 2002, then by Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK - the US aerospace, defence and munitions manufacturer) in 2008. The Super Slam bin is listed in 2009 Weaver Optics catalogue. Barely 18 months after acquiring Bushnell in 2013, ATK spun off it's sporting group to create Vista Outdoor. In addition to many high value sporting brands Vista Outdoor own Millett, Night Optics, Bushnell, Simmons, Tasco and Weaver. The SS was in the 2009-2013 Weaver catalogue and then discontinued in 2014 after the parent company ATK/Vista Outdoor purchased Bushnell and the category became redundant. I've also seen it in a 2014 Weaver accessory brochure.

Skip ahead from the SS start in 2009 to late 2010 when the Vixen Artes comes out. Also MIJ 8.5X45 open bridge w/virtually the same specs, claims of ED glass, Bak-4 w/SK-15 subprisms also priced slightly over 1000USD likewise discontinued.

Product No.14531
Magnification : 8.5×
Effective aperture : 45mm
Bak-4/SK-15 prisms
Actual field of view 7.0*
Apparent field of view 54.9*
Field at 1000m 122
Exit pupil : 5.3mm
Brightness : 28.1
Eye relief : 17.5mm
Near focus : About 2.2m
Inter-papillary distance : adjustable between about 56mm and 74mm
Dimension : Height 15.6×Width 13.4×Thickness 5.9cm
Weight : 885g
Focus knob 1.6 turns L-L as the SS
Eye Cups Twist-up, no detents as the SS
Accessories : Soft case, Wide strap
The Vixen received recognition for a Star Product by Astronomy Magazine 2012. I'm sure being sold under the Meade umbrella carried a bit o' weight to that decision. The same Meade that controlled Weaver from 2002-2008. It would seem to me that perhaps the optical train/design was from Meade for the SS already in the can, before ATK takeover & they ran w/it.
Another interesting nugget is the SS 8.5X45 was listed in the 2009 Weaver catalogue as having 341' FOV. That is printed on the plastic focus cap on mine. The 2013 catalogue has 367' and mine exhibits that 7* FOV.

So, in 2008 the Super Slammy design was a clone of whom? Starting out around 1100USD, asking price not MSRP, surely they were imitating a more expensive well known optic. Don'tcha think mate?

Not to imply that due to similarities, parameters that the glass or results of one would reflect the other. Just some tidbits to gnaw upon.
Celestron M2 f/5.4 100mm ED-Manfrotto 516 fluid head w/140mm sliding plate

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