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What other eyepieces you have now? If you dont have any other eyepiece,the 40x is a bit too much magnification for the ED50 as a regular use eyepiece..It is still reasonably bright in good light but the small field of view at short distance makes It hard to use...and in low light resolution goes down too..It would compare with using a 70x eyepiece on an 80mm(roughly ,lets not get too technical )
Useful at times,but not too be the only eyepiece u have..Coatings are not the issue,MC and DS are gonna be pretty much equal ,perhaps slight variations have been done between different Vintages,but except for the very old ,eyepieces ,i dont think you should be concerned about that issue.
If you want only to have one eyepiece,the 27 x is better.If you buy the 16x or the 20x,then the 40x is gonna be a good addition..and yes,the MC are more compact and perhaps more confortable ,but the DS are fine for visual...Now there are a few MC on eBay going for 250 +/- .The DS for 80 pounds deal that was pointed in other thread recently is a no brainer,..get that and a 20x MC and enjoy!
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