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Originally Posted by aektame View Post
Hi John,

Do you have any recommendation? In Thailand, birding is not very famous so there is not variety of selections for tripod. They mostly have small tripods in stores. Gitzo is rare. Manfrotto seems to be quite easy to find in the market.

As I have studied, carbon tripod is better in damping the vibration than an aluminium. If you say that I need somrthing more substantial than 190, should I go for 055 instead?

Hi Ace,

For observing with an ATX 85 the Manfrotto 055 would be adequate in most situations but for digiscoping I think you would need something like the MT057C3. It's only 800 g heavier than an 055 and the height should be sufficient with the angled scope - if not then the MT057C4.

Should these be too expensive, then one of the aluminium studio tripods such as the 475B or 028B would provide a very stable base at the cost of a bit more weight.

You might also like to consider the MVH502AH as an alternative to the MVH500AH.

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