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I'm quite new here so I don't have the experience that many others have but I did get a Terra 8x25 and will give my thoughts about it.

A few years ago I looked for a pocket bino and tried Leica 8x20 and Zeiss Victory 8x20 but didn't really like them because of the small exit pupil.
But they are really pocketable.

Later on I got a Nikon 8x25 but it had a rather dull image and a lot of veiling glare that bothered me.

In my search for a good and affordable bino I found the Terra ED 8x 25 that I got and like a lot. It is really a great bino IMHO.

I also had a look at the Swaro 8x25 that feels better quality wise and maybe also in image but much more expensive. Also had a brief look through a Zeiss Victory 8x25 that is a step up from the Terra but also more expensive.

The 8x25 size is for me the best compromise between being small for the pocket and giving good ergonomics. I'll guess it depends what you consider pocket size and what you feel works good for you regarding ergonomics and image quality.

If I should do this again I would still get the Terra unless I suddenly had a lot more money to spend on a pocket bino, then it would probably be the Swaro or Victory.

There is also a Kowa 8x22 Genesis that is nice and expensive but smaller exit pupil than 8x25.

Try them out before you decide!
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