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I'm on the same quest for a "pocket" bino lately, and struggling with its contradictions: the smaller and cuter, the less useful. In all kinds of ways. Not just finicky double hinges and tiny exit pupils, but eyecups so small they can no longer go around your eyes, and sadly limited fields of view. There is really no perfect solution, only compromises, and the choice whether even to make them. Perhaps a wise person would just be more willing to carry a "real" bino, especially if (as in my case) it's a 32mm which is fairly small already but thoroughly satisfying.

All that said, I lean toward the 8x25 experience. The one model I've actually tried is the new Zeiss Victory. In many ways, especially a wider field of view, I think it's the way to go at the moment (if you actually want to go). It's not shirt- or pants-pocket size, but folded up will easily fit in a coat pocket or small belt pouch (sadly not provided), and it delivers a viewing experience you can enjoy for some time. It also seems well built, if you can get a good one, without defects. I may try again at some point, if Leica doesn't make an 8x25 first, as I wish they would. Good luck!

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