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Thanks for all the replies / advice - and more welcome please!

I've only started looking through the advice, so have only researched the first couple of posts but regarding the Yosemites recommendations: Presumably that's for 6x30 rather than 8x30? It never occurred to me to go for less than 8x mag and 42 lens.

Clearly the optics on these are excellent - though the relative brightness is lower than Oregon LE WP 8x42? I wonder if 6x is large enough for them to be used for general purpose and for viewing waterfowl at a distance of up to a mile? Actually I'd be tempted to go for Vortex Raptor 6.5x32 (which I can get at 89 as against 129 for the Yosemites). I believe they are optically similar to the Yosemites though perhaps slightly less well built, but with smoother focus and a more useable magnification?

I get the impression the Yosemite 8x30 are optically inferior and wouldn't be as good at sunset?

One other thing - the only negative I've read about the Yosemites refer to internal reflections and spikes when viewing bright objects against dark - I wonder if this would be a problem regarding reflections of sunlight off the water early / late in the day or generally at sunset?

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