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Originally Posted by njlarsen View Post
I would like to try to rule out something first: next time use S preset rather than P, set the shutter time at 1/500 (and preferably try something like 1/800 as well). I am suspicious that your ibis is not really working as well as it should - and anyway, ibis would never be able to account for the slight movements of the target that wind can cause. (for comparison: with my Pana, it is rare I go as low as 1/300)

Thanks Niels, I'll also try this, when I can get some reasonably static subjects (Ducks and/or feeder birds). As cloudy as it's been here lately, that will push ISO up, as the lens is already wide open at 300mm.

I think Olympus claims 3 stops of improvement with 5-axis IBIS, so using the reciprocal rule, at 300mm (35mm 600 equiv.), start with 1/600, and 2 stops of improvement should allow 1/150 speed. So, 1/250 should be OK with IBIS?

I have lots of things to test now, so it may be a few days before I'll post again, but keep the ideas coming, thanks!
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