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Originally Posted by nikonmike View Post
I would be interested to see the full image as you say cropped,do you mean cropped or just re sized,i took the liberty of downloading one of the Canada's,the file is too small to do much with and the light looks poor but i would love to have the full file to look at.I just wonder if your over cropping as the file looks very noisy and is breaking up,i could get the same results from my Nikon D7200 in poor light and over cropping.
Mike, I load my photos into MAC OSX Photos app, then crop to the subject, then export. Full sensor resolution of this camera is 4608 x 3456 (15,925,248 pix). This 1/250s image was cropped to 1178x884, though your re-upload shows 1000x750. I'm not sure why that is, when I download this image from my post, it shows 1178x884. Anyhow, typical full image size is 4-8MB, depending on the JPG mode I have the camera set (Normal, Fine, or Super-Fine).

FWIW, when viewing on the camera, zooming into the bird, I see similar blurriness, though it's certainly possible the Photos app is doing some sort of additional compression when exporting the cropped photos. I'll have to try the Olympus Viewer, with the same amount of cropping, and compare.

I'd be glad to send you full res copies, is there a way I can upload full res photos here?
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