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Originally Posted by njlarsen View Post
For comparison: with my panasonic GH2 which has a similar size sensor, I most often crop to about 1800 pixels or more on the long side and then reduce size of the image to around 1000 pixels on the long side. Because of that reduction, I usually use a little extra sharpening at the end. If you insist on jpg output, I would set at ultra fine and let it stay there.

My insistence that you use a faster shutter speed now during testing was to allow you to take out the possibility of movement causing the blurriness. If you cannot get a sharp image with fast shutter speed, then you never will. Ibis is almost irrelevant at the really fast shutter speeds, so any blurriness is almost certainly due to the quality of the lens or to the quality of your focus. Once you become convinced those two are good, then you can start using slower shutter speed to figure out how far your ibis will take you.

Thanks Niels, those are good suggestions. I've been cropping to about 1200x900, since I thought that was the maximum size I could upload to the forum. If there's a way to upload larger images, I'd be glad to do that. I'll be doing some controlled shutter speed testing on static subjects this weekend. These last 4 shots used LN (Normal) JPG output, as part of the "Factory Default" testing. Going forward, I'll set it to LSF (Super-Fine). I suppose eventually I'll get into raw shooting, but I suspect my current problems are much, much, larger than the difference between Super-Fine and Raw.
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