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Leica 8x32 UV pleasant eye relief surprise

In due course I am keen to get myself some 8x32s. I know there are many who prefer the still available Zeiss 8x32 FL to the Leica Ultravids, and others who would swear by the Swarovski EL.

I read some very favourable reviews of the Leica offerings in this size and courtesy of Troubadour and Troubadouris in the summer was able to try out a Trinovid and Ultravid but all too briefly as we were trying out various bits of kit. The reviews love the colours and contrast and much vaunted Leica glow -- so did I, very much -- but also tend to mention the tricky eye relief resulting in Leica's presumed wish to keep their 32 offerings smaller and lighter than the competition.

By chance yesterday I saw an older pair of Ultravids (pre-HD) in my local shop and gave them a try out. To my surprise in view of the review comments they immediately felt right, were comfortable for viewing with no blackouts or messing with finding the right eye placement, and I had no trouble holding them effectively despite their extremely compact size. Unlike the FL I had earlier tried they just felt like an extension to my hands and eyes.

Now what I'm wondering is whether any of the proportions or eye relief measurements changed since Leica upgraded the optical spec to HD (white ULTRAVID HD lettering) and then again to HD plus (white ULTRAVID lettering with red HD initials). Because if not, those will be a definite buy at some stage!

I did also try earlier the Sw 8x32 EL offering but I'm not keen on flat field and though they are still a nice binocular they are too large for what I want when out running and hiking in the countryside, where compactness is everything - as well as image quality and a good experience of course.

Anybody know if anything has changed apart from the glass?

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