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Originally Posted by elkcub View Post
Whew! I must say you packed a lot in there. Although I'm prepared to discuss many of the highlighted statements on a behavioral science basis, the exercise could be quite exhausting. So rather than doing that, I'd appreciate if you could provide a link to published "...research showing that the more people use their brains, the more likely they are to avoid diseases like Alzheimer's. I've heard that said often enough, although convincing evidence is elusive. It would also seem necessary to justify your very strong statement to Chosun that it is "impossible" to account for the rise in Alzheimer's and early-onset dementia if EMR is excluded.

Ed, with all the blanket statements and long bows Diana is drawing I'm expecting a picnic. As someone who didn't get the 'language gene' or whatever the secret ingredient is, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for me . Proper indigenous language keepers just politely and patiently chuckle at my attempts at pronunciation, let alone memory.

With an Uncle who has a dead set roo loose in the top paddock, the subject is of increasing interest. I doubt he has had very much contact with mobile phones or WiFi throughout his life. Who knows what the cause is - it certainly didn't come from my Aunty Jessie's side of the family since she ran her own farm single handedly into triple digits !

There have been many 'demons' over the years - from Aluminium in deodorants to whatever - I wonder where Vaccines will finish up in all of this. The last book I read on the subject was called "Super Brain" by Deepak Chopra (and his lesser known doctoral mate who had a lifetime of research on the topic). I wonder what it says that I can't recall the co-authors name nor large parts of the gist of the book ! It seemed to descend into an ego w**k at times.

Getting back to relating to the previous paper - it is thought that [NEW] thoughts (such as learning a language, or even dare I say it a new computer operating system or menu) engage new neural pathways (I'm not up on whether this includes building new synapses). Sorry I don't have any references - I'm just going on memory ! :) I belive this is what the previous authors were drawing analogies to in terms of muscles - hypertrophy <-> atrophy.

I will leave this to others to discuss, I have a few little things to deal with that dwarf time and space .....

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