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It is highly unlikely that permission was given by the county council for the removal of trees, particularly in the context of the (in its own right crazy) residential development going on down there at the moment...

I would suggest contacting Brendan McSherry ([email protected]), the heritage officer at louth county council. Copy on the message [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] (local green party councillor), [email protected] (national parks and wildlife - for attention of Louth County Ranger), niall hatch at BWI (see their website for contact details) and if that gets no response copy everything to [email protected], the local newspaper and maybe an taisce as well. Mention that Twite are a red-listed species in ireland and give a detailed description of what happened incluiding if possible before and after photos. Anyway that's what i would suggest...and would do the same in any instance of tree cutting, hedgerow destruction, infilling of ponds/waterways, drainage of reedbeds, inappropriate development etc etc

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