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Originally Posted by zoutedrop View Post
So let's see if I understand this....

I stated the picture was not mine

Although allowed, one should not critique a photo without throwing the photographer under the bus

When a person asks for help with an ID, a moderator with 28,000 posts can weigh in by simply comparing it to another photo

When a moderator provides incorrect information, as was done above, it is not corrected '"When reading a description of the Costa’s there is no mention of the white on the bottom of the tail feathers".

A rudimentary review of Costa's in Sibley, Williamson's Hummingbirds, Howell's Hummingbirds all indicate white on the female tail. Any knowledgeable person would know that all but two of our western hummers have white on female tails. A picture of a female Costa's (taken by me) is attached.

A moderator mentioning the word copyright, is in fact not concerned with copyright law.

So in typical fashion, let's delete this thread as we only want to call out others mistakes, not our own.
I will try and take your points in order.
1. Who tried to throw the original photographer under the bus? Not me, I missed you writing that you had been given the photo. No one has critiqued the photo - I didn’t.

I did end up comparing to another photo. I never stated that I was an EXPERT on either of these species. I looked through a large number of photos trying to help you. When I saw the one on another site that matched I did bring that up. Why is that a problem?

Why do you have a problem with someone trying to help? Because I disagreed with you?
Yes, I do have a number of posts. I have been a member for 14 years. I spend a lot of time on the forum. An average of 2,000 posts a year are really not that much. The majority are in the Hello Forum - why does that bother you?
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