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Here are some sample photos from the Panasonic ZS50/TZ70.

These are straight out of the camera with no post processing other than reducing the size to meet the forum requirements.

It can be very bright in my region of the country so sometimes the results are better with a minus 1/3 compensation setting. Also, the more the zoom, the harder it is to get a real sharp image. There are several possible reasons. One is that the subject is usually way out there and is small, so there is not much resolution to work with. The more the power, the more hand shake is magnified. Finally, full zoom may be pushing the lens to the limit. I have not done any testing to see if there is loss at full zoom but there may be some. Of the possible reasons for any sharpness loss at full zoom, I suspect lens loss is at the bottom of the list of the reasons stated.

One big advantage this camera has is the view finder. The reason being is by looking through the view finder, the camera is now held steady against the face, noticeably reducing the shake when compared to viewing through the LCD screen. Knowing what I know now, I doubt I would ever buy a camera with a big zoom that does not have a view finder because then I would not be able to brace the camera against my face.

Overall, I think it does well. It is small and light so I now have a camera with me when I previously would not. That means I now have an opportunity to get photos that would have been lost without having a camera at all. It serves my purposes well.
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