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Originally Posted by bcskr View Post
I wish I could say I had the same good service. While I was in Peru for a month the helicoil pulled loose, so as soon as I got home I shipped the scope to the Nikon repair facilities in Southern California. A week later I received an email stating that the cost of repair and return shipping would be $55. and that I needed to contact them to give approval for repair. So I called them and authorized a charge to my credit card. A few days later I checked their website for an update and was informed the scope had shipped. Today I received the scope, unrepaired, with a form note stating that the scope was "beyond repair." I don't know what to do next, but I'm very disappointed in Nikon.
I am disappointed to hear this as this is not the norm. At least in my experience that is. I have never heard anyone being charged over the $10 that the service and repair usually requires to act on the No-Fault Policy. Also, this is the first time I am hearing about the helicoil thread issues. I have used the ED50 extensively and never had this issue. Furthermore, I had a prostaffer inadvertently leave his ED50 on top of a small tour bus as he was greeting tour participants off of the bus. The driver drove off and the ED50 fell off at 45 mph. The driver came back to deliver the scope, but outside of a few external scratches, there was no damage to the glass. The scope still produced a great image as usual. It is due to that event and my own usage that I deemed this to be one of our more durable pieces of glass.

If you would like to try again to contact service and repair, perhaps I can help. Please contact me at [email protected] and I am glad to help. I will just need your service order number and such. Thanks for sharing your experiences and I hope to hear from you (bcskr).

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