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Thank you Mike. I will send you the information. Last night, since Nikon had returned my scope as unable to repair, I decided to attempt repairing myself. I removed the bottom plate revealing five screws as has been previously described, and removed the partially loosened helicoil. I then ordered a 3/8 to 1/4 thread adapter insert to replace the helicoil.

I am now awaiting arrival of the insert.

Additional comments of interest: I own 2 of these scopes, a straight and an angled. The straight is mounted on a BushHawk shoulder pod with a 16x eyepiece. I use it hiking, biking and especially in the car, way better than my window clamp mount. Because of the well reported issues with the helicoil I have a permanent support under the objective end of the scope, and on the barrel between the support and the attachment screw is a cable tie wrapping around the shoulder pod and scope. It is bomber, and I have never removed the scope from the shoulder pod.

I have had a Manfrotto quick release plate attached to the angled scope and used it with a lightweight tripod. Wanting to go even lighter I recently purchased a Slik Pro 634 carbon fiber tripod combined with a Gitzo ball head. This meant changing the quick release plate to a Gitzo. Perhaps I over tightened the quick release plate because when I was in Peru the scope started to wobble slightly on the plate. I tightened it some more and the wobbling seemed to increase. I removed the plate and could see what appeared to be a column of plastic surrounding the helicoil was protruding. (Somewhere in one of the previous threads is a picture of this). I was able to push the plastic back in and reattach the plate but it still was loose. I tried glueing it together, but without success.

Up to that point I've been very pleased with my ED50s, have written favorable reviews, and even given one to my sister. I also have a Swaro 65 that gets less use than my two little Nikons. As I've often said, the best scope is the one you have with you. I also have invested in several different eyepieces, and if I can't repair my scope I will probably buy another to take to Costa Rica in December.

I am disappointed in how I was treated by Nikkon. When I was quoted and paid $45 repair fee and $10. shipping fee I gave up on the idea of getting a replacement scope as some people had, but at least thought it would be repaired. The only thing I can think of that might have lead to their refusal to repair is that I bought the scope on EBay two or three years ago and did not submit any kinds of paperwork, but if that's the problem seems like somebody could have had the courtesy to tell me.

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