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Originally Posted by bcskr View Post
....I am disappointed in how I was treated by Nikkon. When I was quoted and paid $45 repair fee and $10. shipping fee I gave up on the idea of getting a replacement scope as some people had, but at least thought it would be repaired. The only thing I can think of that might have lead to their refusal to repair is that I bought the scope on EBay two or three years ago and did not submit any kinds of paperwork, but if that's the problem seems like somebody could have had the courtesy to tell me.
Very odd. You should still have been covered by the $10+$10 no-fault warranty, which should even include replacement if an item cannot be repaired. In my case, with the scope and other stuff I've sent to Nikon for repair, I've always included copies of the original sales receipts and warranty papers, so I've never tested their generosity myself.

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