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Also if the Sony has extended zoom options (i.e further cropping while reducing resolution) to 8Mp, then you get a 1500mm effective reach (useful for better focus and metering) with 8Mp image that can be further cropped in post.

With my Oly EM5 Mk 1, I do this ext zoom with my PL 100-400 to get an effective 1600mm reach with 8Mp image.

Beyond that range in any case it is difficult to keep steady even with the best IS and a tripod would be needed.

What will also be key with this Sony is the performance of the EVF (size, clarity, lag).

Originally Posted by pbjosh View Post
John, I can't speak for others, but I've carried a Canon DSLR plus 400mm lens for years, and dislike the weight, so I'm motivated to move to a lighter camera. Here is what the RX10iv brings to the table that draws my attention:

- Intersection of lens quality and sensor size that yields good results, fair low light performance, and manageable weight.
- Robust modern autofocus

That's basically the magic combo right there. Prior cameras from Sony and others were lacking in the autofocus department. It appears that this could be the first high end bridge camera to compete with a DSLR at 1/3 the weight. Of course the DSLR still has several advantages but not if you leave it at home. If I were going to pick an even smaller bridge camera I would want lighter weight while maintaining as much autofocus performance and image quality as possible - I wouldn't want a larger zoom at all.

One guy's opinion. It will be curious to see what the next generation of Panasonic brings.
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