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Originally Posted by Jim M. View Post
Well this camera is basically the same price as the excellent Pana-Leica 100-400mm (200-800mm equivalent) zoom lens for M4/3. I used to use the 100-300mm you reference and had similar feelings about it, but since switching I now feel as though I have pretty much all the reach I'm going to want in most typical photo situations. It's significantly lighter than a typical DSLR setup, but the camera has a significantly larger sensor than a superzoom, so better low light capabilities. So unless you need or want to go ultralight, or need to save a bit of money, I don't see an advantage to a high end superzoom over M4/3.
Forgive my ignorance about M4/3 but what would be an appropriate body to go with this lens and do you know roughly what the combined weight would be?

The sensor on the Sony is considerably larger than that found on most superzooms, which basically have a similar sensor to that in a phone. How it's low-light capability compare to SLR/M4/3, I have no idea.
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