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Originally Posted by Millionaire-ess View Post
Mornington Wilderness Camp (AWC) is in the Western Australian Kimberley region, a monsoonal (wet-dry) tropical region, dominated by tropical Eucalyptus woodlands (tree dominated) often with a groundcover of Triodia (Spinifex) and other grass.

Its roughly 2,000 km, from the recent (Queensland) Night Parrot find, and perhaps 900 km north of the Pilbara records (old specimens, recent obs).

Its also outside the known range of Night Parrot records. The range is poorly known, so its possible they could occur. But its a very long way from present find and a substantially different habitat type: tropical savanna woodland versus semi-arid shrubland/woodland presumably dominated by spinifex
Don't disagree, but their fire regime project covers a much larger area than just the AWC reserve...
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