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It's unfortunate that Common Pipistrelle is slap bang in the middle of everything, so can't be avoided, whilst at the same time, we could be tuned out of a horseshoe!
Having said that, I'm never exactly overwhelmed with them in the UK, to the point they are swamping the frequencies. Remote recordings, they tend to dominate the files, which can be a nuisance, getting up to 80-90% of files with Common Pips.
I swear a single bat spends most nights flying in circles round our property, resulting in 100s of files. That can be a pain!

Future updates to the app may see bats leaving you voicemails,! Or sending you WhatsApp messages, !

Have dabbled with the detector the last few nights, but nothing this year for me yet. Others have been luckier in the milder weather recently.
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