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Quick response from the Icelandic Ringing Centre. It is one of theirs, details as below:

Ring no. Reykjavík 779072
Species Turnstone Arenaria interpres
Sex Unknown ( - )
Age Full-grown (3. yr+)
Ringing date 16.05.2014
Ringing place
Kollafjörður, Strand.
Coordinates 65°35´00´´ N 21°27´00´´V
Recovery date 20.10.2014
Recovery place
Ferring Beach, West Sussex, UK
Coordinates 50°48´00´´ N 0°27´00´´ V
Recovery details Sight record, metal ring read
Remarks Part of the ring (79072) read from several pictures
Distance 2031 km Direction 134° Duration 157 d

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