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Optics Planet $150 Gift Certificate Included on some Zeiss

Optics Planet is including a $150 gift certificate on some Zeiss models:

-Conquest HD 10X42 *
-Conquest HD 8X42 *
-Zeiss HT 10X42
-Zeiss FL 10X32
-Zeiss HT 8X54
-Zeiss FL 8X32

* Shows free 2 day shipping. 8X requires a coupon code so it may not be available if using the 11% off code.

Note: Link includes display of rifle scopes included in the offer

The card combines with the 11% off coupon listed above, good today only. So the best combo would be 11% off today, plus the $150 gift certificate plus free 2 day shipping on the Conquest 42mm.
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