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Originally Posted by Steve C View Post
The serial number does not seem to match anywhere on the Zeiss list.
Body construction and the serial # on the axle cap to me indicates early Nikon. I have repaired dozens of these sporting as many names: Manon, Town & Country, Sigma, Olympic, etc. If it is of the same ilk of which I am familiar, it is not top of the line compared to today’s most expensive binoculars. However, if collimated, it would be a fine instrument for the rest of your life. I never cease to be amazed at the guys who already own the very best binoculars in the world and are continually wetting their pants in a frenzy to “upgrade,” even though their visual acuity is way below them actually being able to ascertain the difference.

Finally, on binoculars forums today, “vintage” is a massively overused word that may be translated as “old,” junk,” or both. If we are going to use “vintage” to speak of binoculars, I think you may find that one actually qualifies. Please photograph the backplates for us.

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