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Is the first number of the serial number a 5? If so, it is a Carl Zeiss Jena made in 1980. The oculars look like the longer 7 x 50 ones which would make the model either a Jenoptem or Binoctem. If the oculars are the shorter 10 x 50 ones then it's either a Jenoptem or Dekarem. Note Jenoptems were made in 7 x 50, 8 x 30 and 10 x 50 models. The Jenoptems appear identical in all respects except markings to the respective Binoctem (7 x 50) , Deltrintem (8 x 30) and Dekarem (10 x 50) models, but they were not as expensive. It may be that the only differences were that they underwent a less stringent quality control and came in soft instead of hard leather carrying cases.

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