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Good job, Joachin:

Right axle cap, large focus wheel, tight objective caps. BINGO!


Originally Posted by jring View Post

I have had a closer look at my russian made multicoated ZOMZ 7x50 which indeed looks quite similar to the pair shown above if one just looks at the form and screw positions.
But it has a 6 digit serial number in white in the same place as the 7 digit one on the pair shown by the original poster and the year of manufacture in a circle embossed above... like this:

Also there is no thread visible on the inside of the objective tube.

The soviet examples I used to have had a screw in the center where we see the 7 digit number on the o.p. pair and the 7 or 8 digit serial number (first 2 digits are year of production) preceded by a letter printed in a half circle at the edge like shown here:

Also the leatherette on these examples is quite a bit coarser than what we see in the image above, there is a metal ring at the end of the objective tubes and again not thread visible.

The CZJ theory is supported by the serial 7 digit serial number and the cap it's printed on plus the thread inside the objective tubes...

See this image

in this ebay listing

Of course the o.p. could easily close the discussion by showing an image of the eyepiece side...

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