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Originally Posted by Keith Dickinson View Post
Looks to me like the Contents box is placed before the first heading, checked a few locations.
Where there are reviews, are we going to have a set lay out for them. I've noticed in a few instances that the review has included a 'pros' and 'cons' section. Maybe encourage people to give theirs by including those as second level titles? vis Blacktoft Sands

I've played about with the page since first posting this Ben, added a picture etc, what do you think.
Generally looks good as it is at the time of my post. I really like balancing the contents with a photo (although the photo isn't showing up yet for me... I guess it's a test idea?).

I've seen on some sites that pros and cons as level 3 headings makes the Reviews section really dominate the contents, so definetly agree about having them as not proper headings (so they don't appear). In fact, when there are more than 3-4 reviews the same thing starts to occur with just the review title (i.e. "Ben M's review"), so we might even think of making these not proper headings... otherwise we should probably make Reviews the very last section, so a entry with 10 or so reviews doesn't break up the important titles in the contents. Will anyone actually want to click on a specific reviewer's review in the contents? Probably not. Much better to have a structured contents that is potentially identical for every site.

Another minor point I notice in the entry is that the level 1 headings are bolded by adding ''' around them. This is generally regarded as bad practice (whether done originally by the system or by someone editing). Heading styles should only be changed in their central definition (i.e. the stylesheet, if you're familiar with that term).

I think this is a good start, which is just what we needed to really get things moving

I'll do a little work on it now... which can always be rolled back if I muck it up
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