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Originally Posted by ColonelBlimp View Post
Cor blimey Peewit your neighbour sounds a bit of a d*******! If I was in that situation I would have calmly warned him that he was about to commit an offence and I had the local police on speed-dial!

It was getting close to reporting the whole issue to the Police, as he was not taking me seriously at all. Talk about taking the mickey out of people.

As he was a lot older the subborn streak became more apparant. We where just glad to move away.

Originally Posted by kinnordyvolunteer View Post
our local group recently had a talk given by the local wildlife crimes officer and we asked him at what stage is a nest, legally a nest. In the case of say, House Martins, Swallows etc, they are legally protected as soon as they place the first piece of mud. Some one in our area was fined 5000 last year for hosing down nests during nesting season.
hi Kinnordyvolunteer

That is interesting what you have said about nests. It just shows the severity of the whole issue

5,000 would be a wake up call to some people, and the way they treat birds.

Ask a daft question here, but is the law different between Scotland and England?
Regards Kathy x
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