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Originally Posted by marie b View Post
Perhaps there's still time for a kindly grandpa figure to teach the children a fresh approach to living creatures -- could you perhaps arrange to be in your garden when you see them in theirs, suggest they not frighten the birds with loud noises, and maybe teach them some interesting things about the birds they see (some of those things that make you smile )and encourage them to watch them quietly, etc., etc.,..... Maybe make them a present on an appropriate occasion of a child's book about birds, or..... Do you have some old bins you could let them look through?....
Just a few thoughts.....

Well, you would think that would make sense, but there are a few problems with it:

I don't talk even talk to their parents, as they appear blissfully unaware that there are other people in the world. I won't go into details, but they are inconsiderate, noisy, and ignorant.

In the UK (and I would imagine, elsewhere), giving presents to, or even talking to, young children that you are not related to, can be misinterpreted and result in a visit from the Authorities (a sign of the times I'm afraid).

Attempting to educate teenagers that you are not related to can result in you being arrested or sent to Hospital (it depends on how willing and able you are to defend yourself). I know that must sound like nonsense to some, but it's how things are in London. I'm not suggesting this applies to all children, it does however apply to many. Many children have no respect for Adults, Teachers, or even the Police. If they have no respect for others, respecting wildlife is even less likely. This can only be changed by parents, well intentioned neighbours can do little, if anything, to change the situation.

Sorry for dragging your thread off topic Kathy, I won't post in this thread again.
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