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Originally Posted by Marmot View Post
Found this bit .. interesting part about tree surgeons being told by nighbours about nesting birds. Sounds like their Tree Surgeon was not a proper one or he would be fully aware of his responsibilities.

"If you are a neighbour to some tree works being carried out where you know there nesting wild birds then make this known to the house owner or tree surgeons. Their actions then become intentional if they proceed. You can contact the RSPB on 01767 680 551 or visit their website form for reporting 'wildlife crime' "

Here is the site from where it was taken
hi Marmot

Yes, I think sometimes that there will be bogus people ie Tree surgeons who do not know their responsibilities at all. They can land you in a heap of trouble.

Thank for the information. It is interesting to know that you can do something in the birds defence. I know if anything was to happen to us like that again I will be in touch with the RSPB prompto via the RSPB form noted straight away.
I think this form wil be useful for anyone who comes across a similar event.

Sometimes it is better not to talk to neighbours as they do not always respond the way you expect them to. My OH just said to me just now that our x-neighbour was very arrogant, so therefore communication was not going to happen in any way between us.

We live and learn
Regards Kathy x
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