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Originally Posted by Kits View Post
Trouble is, had you then moved the box, you would have been interfering with a nest ...

I would suspect that the tree surgeons were not proper ones at all. The tree surgeons we use on a regular basis, always check for nests before starting work, and actually told me how they had upset one of the people for whom they used to do work, as they refused to do work on a large tree and a hedge in the garden because they contained nests.
Hi Kits

Exactly. I hated the fact I had to remove the box as it was buried under a heap of evergreen conifer branches. so yes i was breaking the law too.

Looking back I knew that the Tree surgeon was a 'nobody' and not qaulified. His whole dimena said that he was not qualified to do the work. The simple fact he was using equipment that would hurt him too let alone cutting down a tree.

These days it is important to go to courses to use a chain Saw let alone any other electrical equipment. Health and Safety rules but in this case for a good reason. But - hey that was his look out after all !

I am glad to know that genuine Tree surgeons will stick up for nesting birds too by telling people who are ignorant of the fact too!

Originally Posted by rezMole View Post
I live in a flat with a communal garden. Two years ago, the chair of the residents assoc. had tree surgeons to come round to cut back some conifers (in May). I saw him looking at the trees and went and asked him what he was looking at. He told me he was going to cut down one tree completely, and thin out the others.
I mentioned that I thought there were birds nesting in the trees and said I would inform the authorities if he went ahead. He went off and told the chair that he couldn't cut the trees at the time and they arranged for him to return in the August.
I suspect if I hadn't had a word, he would have gone ahead and cut them down straight away.
Well said Rezmole. Sometimes it needs a person to tell the situation as it is and what you did was make the Chair person see sense.
Just because someone was a very well pruned garden does not mean birds have to suffer.

Originally Posted by Tero View Post
There are plenty of people getting their trees cut in the summer. The tree service people pretty much do what the owners tell them. They may have more work in the fall, though.

Our city park people cut down a tree next to a tree with an owl nest. The owls abandoned the nest. The tree cutters think they can work at least 6 months without even looking for nests.
Hi Tero

Gosh the law is very lapsed in the USA, compared with the UK. Is there nothing to stop people from cutting down trees willy nilly at all.

I am sure the Council Park employees in the UK, are aware of the law too.

What happens if there is a rare birds nest destroyed?
Regards Kathy x
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