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Question Blackbirds Driving me Crazy! Insight please

Would love any insight into what has been driving me mad for months now. I love birds, they're great and I really want to learn more about them. I have always been a fan of the blackbird's usual melodic chirping. My mum always had bird boxes, baths and loads of feeders scattered around her garden so I grew up surrounded by the euphonious tones of a multitude of birds from am to pm.
This however is different. Since around May there have been two blackbirds in my back garden (one male, one female) who just sound their alarm call from when the sun comes up (later now but so early midsummer) till when the sun goes down or just after. Midsummer it would go on until about 10pm. Tonight it was just around 8pm. It is definately an alarm call they are both projecting. It is harsh, repetive (it never changes tone/pitch), continuous and oh so loud. Especially when the two of them are going at it at the same time which is most of the time. I live in an old tenament building with many different gardens in the back. The blackbirds just stick to my garden. I'm fairly sure they have a nest well disguised in a thick and bushy bush. So at first I just thought that they were defending their nest. I would very occasionally spot a magpie and think that they were justified in spotting danger and just doing what came naturally. But this has gone on every single day without fail, am to pm without stopping. When do they have time to eat/drink/feed their young? They will just flit from bush to wall to wall sounding their alarm call and as far as I can see there is usually no danger in sight. And surely by now their young have flown the nest? It has been over 4 months and they show no signs of stopping.
They must be extremely distressed and I just don't know why or if there is anything I can do.
Any advice/help/information would be greatly appreciated.
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