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Originally Posted by BimmyB View Post
It is BTO controlled, but as I understood it, when you submit a sighting to them, they identify the ringing scheme/ringer and pass the sighting on to them, it's then down to the ringer to contact you to give you feedback on life history etc. unless I've missed the point somewhere along the lines. It is frustrating to report something in the name of helping science, then never hear any outcome. I wonder how many people subsequently think 'I won't bother again'?

Sometimes though, you do get a quick response from a British ringer, so they're not all as bad as the examples above.
Yes, I got a quick answer from a neck ringed Greylag a couple of winters ago. However:

- BTO has the ring data, including the tie-up between numbered colour rings and BTO rings, so they are actually in a position to answer queries without external assistance

- by sending data on the observer to a third party instead of answering the question and just sending the data on the bird to the third party they are making more work for themselves and more for the ringer (and in future may well be close to the wind regarding the GDPR). It's inefficient in addition to being, to my mind, disrespectful to the observer and likely to decrease future observations. The word stupid springs to mind.

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