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I couldn't agree more with comments regarding the standard of reply from 'foreign' ringers/schemes compared with many, by no means all, British ringers and the BTO. I report c.200 colour-ringed birds every year of which at least two thirds are 'foreign'. Schemes involved range the length and breadth of Europe from Czech Republic to Ireland and Norway to Portugal. Almost without exception I receive detailed replies within three or four days and in many cases within twenty four hours. I cannot think of a single European scheme where I have not received a reply. Conversely, some British ringers are dilatory in their reply, to say the least. In some cases I do not even receive an acknowledgement despite persistent hectoring of the scheme co-ordinator. I have contacted the BTO on several occasions concerning this problem which often involves their own employees but receive little other than placatory statements. I don't seem to be able to discover who or what is responsible for overseeing the licensing of colour-ringing in the UK. If it is the BTO, why are they not at least suspending ringing permits of those who cannot be bothered to respond to information?
I could expound further on ringing practices in the UK, such as nefarious targeting of rare species for a ringing 'tick' and of unidentified birds for DNA purposes, but I will leave that for another day.
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