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Originally Posted by Purple Heron View Post
@ Nohatch The slides are at

For the sake of convenience, I'm attaching the background documents again, as well as the two summaries which I downloaded.
Many thanks, I will have a look

Originally Posted by Purple Heron View Post
I should note that there has been much emailing back and forth between participants at the conference regarding why the report is not out yet.
Well science is a lot, but it sure ain't quick!

Originally Posted by Purple Heron View Post
You might want to take a look at me previous post/reply to Citrinella. I am sure we do have some common ground even though we may disagree on some things.

PS I think 42 is the number of times everyone should read the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy series in order to realize how wise Douglas Adams really was.
I thought theirs was a strange comment, hence my initial reply....and I agree with some of your own reply but not everything (see previous post)...that would be no fun

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