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Originally Posted by Purple Heron View Post
There are times, perhaps, when scientists may pointlessly swim against the current of accepted scientific opinion, but I don't think this is one of them. And this is not merely a theoretical debate.
Scientists are supposed to swim against the current of accepted scientific opinion. It's their job!

With the adoption of the Nuremberg code, society said that what happened in the German death camps could never happen again. But it is happening again, on a worldwide scale, on the excuse that science has not yet definitively proved that wireless technologies are harmful. So they are testing them on us. And you are okay with this?
I was going to pass on this one, but I found an interesting quote that might make me change my opinion.

From the excellent "War in the West" by James Holland:

(speaking of propaganda and the affordable "volk" radio receivers)

"The net result was that by 1939 almost 70 per cent of the population owned radios. (...) Radio coverage in Germany was more dense than anywhere in the world."

I looked up 5G on emf-portal. You know how many studies there are? 22. Just 22. That's a great basis on which to proceed with 5G, either on land or from space.
So, what's the threshold in order to require a study? One MHz? One GHz? One Hz?

I have yet to see a study proving that visible light is harmless, anyway. And it's certainly scarier than mere microwaves in the GHz range. Light is in the THz frequencies!

When mobile phones were beginning to become popular I remember that some people used to say that they were dangerous. That was back in the mid 90's. I remember that of course it was said "well, in the worst case we will know in 20 years". Is there any data suggesting an electromagnetic holocaust?
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