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Originally Posted by Nohatch View Post
I’ll try and post on the Hardell commentary and Eklipse after lunch :p
.....except I just really don't have it in me today
But here's an interesting insight into the ongoing row between Hardell and the ICNIRP (
For me personally, is the opinion of one researcher (who incidentally keeps on finding elevated risks where others do not) enough to question the integrity of an entire UN organisation? Not really...
The Hardell 'paper' itself in the International Journal of Oncology is just...weird. It's part review but highly biased (mentioning only studies that seemed to show an effect, including superseded ones, and ignoring ones that didn't), but then it turns into a smear against the ICNIRP, a highly personal perspective on an informal WHO meeting, and finally some measurements of RF levels at WHO HQ (which PH used to argue that WHO are hypocritical and can't be trusted). What does an article like that say about the journal it's published in?

I just loose the will to live....hand me my cellphone....

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