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Suspect you'd do better posting this to the ID q&a forum. I'm not brilliant at gulls, partly because I'm not a believer in some of the taxa, but in your first pic you've a couple of adult great black-backed gulls (real hefty bills if not up to Pacific standards, very dark backs, broad white tertial "step"), the front bird is an immature of the same species (quite white-looking face, hefty bill). In the background is what I think is a herring gull (pale grey mantle, "mirror" pattern. Appears dainty so probably a female). The other brown bird we can see is either a juvenile herring or lesser black backed gull. I think the latter based on cool plumage tones, all-dark bill and what I can see of the feathering. Apart from those, there's one in the background which is obscured and out of focus. Wouldn't want to id that...

Later on the page you have adult great black-backed gull and I think the immature-something-or-other's the same.
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