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Originally Posted by dacol
I think they are Baltimore Orioles, a first spring male and a female.
The amount of black on the sides of the head of the male and the amount of orange on the chest exclude , in my opinion, Orchard Oriole. First spring Orchard Oriole males tend to have just a black mask over the eyes and a black bib and look greenish yellow bellow. I also agree with the arguments for excluding Hooded and Bullock's Orioles. Notice that the female also shows quite a lot of orange on her which also indicates Baltimore rather than the other species.


As soon as I saw from whence you hearken I went googling on this. You may be absolutely right. I presume that you're saying that the one with all the black in the face is the FY male and the other with the gray looking crown (which still has me a little thrown) is the female. As far as I could discover the Orchard female adult doesn't have any black in the face at all and what I took to be a female in my photodatabase must be a FY male. I wish I could see the breast of the female which should be a kind of rosy-orange. Live and learn. I think that I strung this one.
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