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Originally Posted by Paisley_Tx
I posted last week about a Oriole pair that was in my backyard and we had a hard time deciding for sure what they were (between Baltimore, Bullock, Orchard or even possibly Hooded). I saw one of them again on my hanging basket while she (I believe it's a female, she looks like the one from photos in my other post) was gathering up nesting materials - SOooooo...guess they are nesting nearby. wheee! It's odd that she has a whitish patch on top of her head. I really don't think it's a hooded oriole because the beak is straight. I'm almost ready to rule out the orchard now too because of the amount of orange that she has. I'm now leaning more towards baltimore...even though the male doesn't have a full head of black yet (I saw him earlier again today, hopefully I can get another photo at some point). Could she be a mix between two species? I've read that where the Bullock's & Baltimore's area meet up together that sometimes they'll interbreed.

So...what do you think? I'll post 5 pics, but here's also a link to a website where I've got lots more pics of it.
Looks like Baltimore, despite the light head.
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