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Video making gear suggestions for Kruger

in a trip to Kruger my main interest would be photography also because I don’t have specific equipment for videomaking and I have a limited budget due to previous expenses for the trip. My gear right now is:

1) Nikon D3100 that anyway mostly will have a 150-600 mm lens I will remove very seldom to avoid problems with dust and similar
2) Canon Powershot 60 SH
3) Iphone 6s
4) Iphone Xr
5) Go Pro Hero 6 black (the only device with 4k video)
6) Boya BY-MM1 external mic with “deadcat” for wind noise canceling

I could consider borrowing from friends or renting video equipment if it’s not very expensive… perhaps a bridge camera like Panasonic FZ1000 or others

I also have a question on to shoot videos in Kruger. For the camera mostly I will use a bean bag mounted on a car window. For videos I guess I would something very stable
What do you use? A car mobile phone mount for iphone to keep it still? A specific mount to be used on a car window like the bean bag? In Kruger going out of the car and using a tripod is mostly forbidden, with some exceptions
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