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Thanks for all help!

Originally Posted by BeesWing View Post
In addition to my spelling difficulties, I was having metric conversion difficulties.

I am 188cm tall and use an angled eyepiece on my ATS 65. So, the Manfrotto 3130 head and the Gitzo basalt fiber GT1932 tripod should be fine for you. I left the arm off the head and just keep my hands on the scope to pan about. It has been a great setup for me and the basalt fiber made for a (slightly) less shocking price on the tripod.
The GT1932 is a bit too expensive for my budget unfortunately, 4000 sek is a bit over the top. It does look nice though.

Originally Posted by John Russell View Post
If you are 184cm you wont need much more than 130cm tripod height with an angled scope. Bear in mind that the tripod head and scope itself add around 25cm and that erect eye level for you would be about 174cm. The Gitzo GT1932 (1,4kg) and Manfrotto 055MF3 (2kg) have heights without centre column extension of 136cm and 134,5cm respectively so both would be suitable. My preference would be the Gitzo despite the less exotic material. It has similar lower sections to my 2942L - see report on tripod forum.

I cant seem to find the 055MF3, the stores i checked claims that itīs out of stock and replaced by newer products. Does anyone know what manfrottos new replacement for this product is?
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