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Originally Posted by Nohatch View Post
@Litebeam, a few comments on your post:

How is it obvious she is already "injured" - please explain?

Technically incorrect as you're ignoring the partisan split so pervasive in the US. Polls show that around a third of the US population agrees with your statement, a third thinks the opposite, and a further third is undecided on the level of the threat. Happy to provide the link.

Show me a shred of evidence and I'll humour the idea :)
P.S. not disagreeing that there aren't plenty of politicians/celebrities jumping on the bandwagon for their own selfish reasons, there always are and always will be.

Again that is demonstrably incorrect. I was encouraged you read the papers on Greenland in the parallel thread, and drew some conclusions from them. Your 'revelation' that climate is never stable, and we've had warm and cold periods throughout Earth's history, brings you up to speed with scientific mainstream in the 1920s (Koppen, Wegener, Milankovitch). To continue that line of reasoning, please answer this basic question: what is the primary mechanism by which heat (derived from the sun) is retained in the atmosphere, instead of just radiating back into space?

I think we're all agreed on that, and hopefully make positive contributions where we can. But then surely Ms Thunberg's core message to tread more lightly and halt the sixth mass extinction should resonate with you? As well as her efforts not to be a hypocrite (an accusation easily leveled at wealthy liberals a la Obama, Gore etc)? I'm genuinely puzzled.

Joost, sorry but I'm not going to address all of this. Most of it has been re-hashed ad nauseum here before.

If you can watch Greta's video and not feel sorry for her and how she has been handled, I don't know what else to say.
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