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Originally Posted by SteveCooke View Post
Thanks for your input! She makes the point though, that the zoo who did the study responsible for the iron scare was successful in caring for birds for a number of decades with a food that contained 40mg/1kg of iron. It was a change of the recipe that resulted in 800mg/1kg of iron that led to the poisoning.

She says the iron content of raw sugar is in fact very low and very safe (containing 3.7mg/1kg of iron, just 10% of the zoo's successful supplement). It seems to me organic raw sugar would be better for the birds and the environment.

Am I wrong here? Thanks
Raw sugar will be no better for the birds, but could potentially be worse.

All the experts recommend white sugar, preferable cane sugar. I would take their advice over the advice of one person.

If you are still against using white cane sugar, and want to provide an environmentally friendly meal for the hummingbirds, I would suggest planting a flower garden.
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