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Originally Posted by John A Roberts View Post
Reading through Bear83's recent report on the Biggest Week in American Birding, I came across this unwelcome news:

'I also asked the Leica rep if there was any news about the re-introduction of the updated Trinovid models. With a sigh he said the project was a dead end and that nothing was going to be released. Who knows at this point in other words.'
That's bad news indeed. Last December I was told by a Leica representative the Trinovids would, after all, be made. I was even given a tentative timeframe.

Looks like the folks at Leica don't really know what they're doing. I suspected as much for quite some time, not least because of the mess they made when announcing the Trinovids on their website a few years ago.

(wondering whether the timeframe he was
given for a Noctivid 8x32 still stands ... )
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