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Saving birds - K's Path

Little did I know that K's path is helping injured birds in Kuwait!

A job well done.

But since they rely on us to do their job, here's a plea from their Facebook Site
This migratory season found K'S PATH busy dealing with injured birds. We have had 5 birds come in with injuries from hunting or as a result of the bad dust storms. We successfully released one Steppe Eagle, one Eagle did not make it due to the severity of its injuries, we have an Egyptian Vulture (an endangered species) and a Short To...ed Snake Eagle in residence with us undergoing rehabilitation and one last Steppe Eagle still at the vets office undergoing life saving surgery. In addition to the two Steppe Eagles we already have in residence, we are very short on space. We really need to build 3 new enclosures and need your help! These magnificent birds really deserve large purpose built enclosures that meet their physical and emotional needs. It will cost 700KD to build each enclosure. Please let us know if you can help one of these magnificent creatures.
I haven't been to their shelter since they rebuilt it (it got destroyed in a fire last year), but will do when I next get the chance.

Here's a link to their official website
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