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I'm surprised little mention has been made of it. I'd been using Photoshop since the 90's but when it went into the cloud I started looking elsewhere but couldn't find anything until along came Affinity Photo. At first I couldn't get away from Photoshop but eventually it clicked with Affinity and now I couldn't go back to Photoshop.

For me, Affinity is actually better. It's quicker and has some very nice features that Photoshop (CS6 at least) doesn't. Those it doesn't have I wouldn't use. Considering it's only on version 1.5 it's amazingly good and great value for money having long ago paid what a subscription with PS would have by now - and that's with having both the Mac and PC versions.

I think with many photographers, there's a certain amount of snobbery about PS and that's the only real photo editor - anything else is just amateurish. I admit I felt a bit like that myself early on.

Unfortunately I'm still stuck with Lightroom (none CC version) and will need to wean myself off that one day.
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