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Originally Posted by Saxatilis View Post
Hello PaulZr
also my Gitzo GH1720QR head starts to show the same issue (vertical tilt which is very rigid) and I am a bit disappointed.
Do you know (or did someone at the Repair Center tell you) the exact cause of this problem?
Sorry to hear that! Given the high cost of these heads, we should expect years of trouble-free operation.

The U.S. Repair center is C.R.I.S., in Arizona. They didn't provide any detailed explanation. All I was told is that internal parts needed replacement, so it took quite a while to get it back. My guess is a failure of the fluid cartridges. In any case, there is either a design defect, or a manufacturing defect. I hope for the latter, since there really isn't any other head out there with similar functionality. The giant friction knob is really helpful for arthritic hands.

If the repair fails, I'll certainly contact Gitzo, but wouldn't bother with a repair if not covered under warranty. I would have taken mine apart to see what was sticking, but didn't want to void the warranty.
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