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This may be a bit off-topic, as it concerns horizontal panning movement and not on GH1720, but since it is about Gitzo heads I'll add it anyway.

Some years back, I had the somewhat careless habit of keeping my Gitzo 2380 outside on our open balcony with my waterproof scope attached, ready to use in a second if something of interest would fly by, which frequently happened. There was some rain occasionally, and sometimes the gear would be wet. After a while, the panning action of the Gitzo started to feel decidedly notchy and stiff.

Rather than send it over for repair, I obtained an exploded view drawing of the head, and dismantled it myself. The cause of the problem was quickly found: all the ball bearings for the horizontal movement were rusted. I fixed the problem by cleaning everything carefully, discarding the ball bearings, applying new grease and purchasing stainless steel ball bearings from a specialist bearing dealer, and it has worked as well as or better than new since.

Non-stainless bearings in a non-sealed place in gear intended for heavy outdoor use is not what I'd like to see in what is sold and priced as a quality product, but that is what I found. Luckily, the silicone fluid parts of the head were not contaminated and the rust had not yet caused any lasting damage to the parts that would have been harder to replace.


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