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Originally Posted by Chosun Juan View Post

What is the baseline for the number of flights per year?
ie. If it is 1 then reduction by 1 flight is 100%.
If it is 4 then reduction by 1 flight is 25%.
If it is 10 then reduction by 1 flight is 10%.

It is interesting that the global airplane fleet is planned to Double !
ding ding !

I could be almost certain that the accounting on the "meat" line wouldn't have been carried out properly. P** is essential for building soil carbon .......


The meat thing is just veggie propaganda. Before herds of cattle there were herds of Bison, Mammoth, Mastodon, horses, you name it. T'ain't the cattle that are wrong (though wild species would be better). Vegetable monoculture in all forms is wrong, human population growth is wrong, eating meat is fine. What we really need is a new attitude to eating people. Fancy a Chinese?

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